About Us

The Lawyer Find Center serves people who have a legal need and must find a lawyer.  This can be a problem, especially for those who are new to the legal system.  The need can be to start a lawsuit, to defend against a lawsuit, or for a ‘transactional’ attorney such as a lawyer who does wills and trusts. We also offer life coaching support services throughout lawsuits.

Catherine Stuckart, the founder of Lawyer Find Center, started it after decades in law practice observing the often-negative consequences to laypeople for picking the wrong lawyer.  With a background in federal investigations, she has been helping individuals find the right lawyers for their needs throughout her career.

Catherine also observed that people can feel isolated and without support throughout the course of a lawsuit.  From that observation came the idea of supporting laypersons with life coaching support services.  Put into practice throughout much of her work as an attorney, she has seen the often-positive results of these services.

Now, Catherine is bringing these concepts to a broader public to meet the needs of people caught in lawsuits or who simply need guidance in finding the right lawyer.