About Coaching

Laypersons, especially those who are in a legal action for the first time, typically experience high levels of stress over their lawsuits.  I have seen clients physically shake uncontrollably after appearing in court.

These experiences with distressed clients led me to want to help people through the stresses and strains of lawsuits by coaching them.  I began to coach clients, and found that it is helpful to them.

So how does coaching serve those involved in lawsuits?  My coaching services include:

  • Broad education on litigation processes
  • Support generally, and extra support through contact before and after stressful events such as depositions and trials
  • Helping the client avoid unhealthy obsession with the lawsuit
  • Helping clients accept the results of the lawsuit
  • In-depth exploration of client’s needs and resources
  • Teaching clients the basics of Compassionate Communication, an internationally accepted method of needs solutions through talk
  • Teaching clients personal development techniques which help them deal with stress
  • Referral to appropriate resources, as needed.

If you have additional questions, please email me at info@lawyerfind center.com.

To receive coaching services, please go to the Services/Fees page.