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Do you need a lawyer? There are lots of them. Do you know how to choose a good one for you? Over the years, Lawyer Find Center founder, Catherine Stuckart, has seen the consequences of making the wrong choice. After experience locating lawyers across the United States for those in need, Catherine has evolved a system for picking an attorney. You can learn how to do this, or the Lawyer Find Center can do it for you. The Lawyer Find Center can also provide coaching and guidance support (emotional and practical) to you throughout your lawsuit.

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Do You Need a Lawyer?

Most times, you will know if you need a lawyer. There are exceptions. For example, you or your spouse are thinking of divorce, but not wholeheartedly. If you are not sure you need an attorney, want some basic information on what kind of attorney you require, or want to try out coaching support services, the Lawyer Find Center offers a one-time consultation to you.

Do You Want Training in How to Find a Lawyer?

The Lawyer Find Center offers training in the system for selecting the best lawyer for you that you can find. This training is for those people who have confidence in their ability to choose an attorney, or who have specific lawyers in mind and just want to make an informed, skilled choice.

Do You Need More Help in Finding a Lawyer?

The Lawyer Find Center offers additional help in finding your lawyer. This service is for you if you lack confidence in picking an attorney. We will apply the system to your particular case, and come up with at least three attorneys for you to interview in most locations. Plus, you will be given guidance in how to interview your chosen attorneys. The final choice is always yours, but you will have the tools to make a good decision.

Would You Like Lawsuit Client Support Services?

The Lawyer Find Center offers coaching support services.
Coaching helps you deal with the stresses and strains of being in a lawsuit. If something is happening in your lawsuit, you have someone with whom to talk. For example, you may want support before and after a trial or hearing. If there are any concerns about your representation, you are not alone in figuring out how to deal with them.

What about Bar Association Referral Services?

Most states, many counties, and some large cities offer Bar Association Lawyer Referral Services at no cost to the potential client. A few programs, as in Pittsburgh, have online searching. Screening of attorneys to be on the referral panels varies widely, and often the lawyer pays to be on the panel. Typically, the client gets the name and contact information of one attorney with experience in the needed area of law. The initial consultation is free or low cost to the client.

Why Is There a Fee to You?

The Lawyer Find Center offers you personal, undivided attention and loyalty. It is like an independent financial advisor who does not receive a commission from the company whose product he is recommending. There is no conflict of interest. The Lawyer Find Center is totally dedicated to your interests.

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